Understanding Faith & Fiqh in Times of Uncertainty

Allah has said, “And We have explained in detail everything with clear explanation.” Al-Isra v. 12

There is nothing in our lives that we will experience that Allah has not explained clearly to us.

As we witness unprecedented events in our lifetime unfold, the questions that people are grappling with cover a wide spectrum of Islamic theology and Islamic law; our Salah, Fasting, Zakah, Hajj and Umrah, Transactions and Social interactions may all be impacted by the CoronaVirus.

This is a series of online events in explaining the details of these issues, navigating faith & fiqh in times of uncertainty.

Daily sessions March 18-25
11 AM EST and 4 PM EST



  • What is the ruling on leaving a place where the virus has spread, to travel from it or enter it. Ex. can a person travel from Italy now home to the US.

  • The prophet (S) told us that plague does not enter Mecca or Medinah, how come Mecca or Medinah is affected by virus?

  • Many Masajid have suspended Jumu’ah prayers. Is that correct? What should I do if it happens in my community?

  • What’s the ruling on leaving Salat Al-Jumu’ah?

  • What is the minimum amount of people for jumu’ah to be established?

  • Is it allowed to pray jumu’ah before Dhuhr?

  • Is it allowed to do jumu’ah at home with my family or the workplace if the Masjid is closed?

  • Is it allowed to attend Jumu’ah virtually and to follow the imam?

  • Should we say in the Adhan, “Pray in your places” if people are not allowed to come to the masjid, and when should this be said?

  • Keeping space between people during the khutbah or during the congregational prayer

  • Is there a limit to the number of jumu’ahs that can be missed

  • What is the minimum amount of people for jumu’ah to be established


  • Reflections on the spread of the Corona Virus
  • Religious causes for Protection
  • The importance of Leadership in such time
  • Our children and Corona
  • How do we transfer this from a Crisis to an Opportunity
  • The Plague of Amwas, lessons from it


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Ten Pieces Of Advice On How To Protect Yourself
From Disease

A short and beneficial essay by one of the scholars of Medinah, Shaykh AbdulRazzaq Al-Badr in direct response to the public fear for the Corona Virus.

We at AlMaghrib Institute translated it and made it into an E-book and an Audio MP3 because of the urgency of people needing this type of advice. Please share widely and remember that these days are days to be met with much optimism in Allah’s favor, remembrance of Him and goodness to your fellow brothers and sisters.