Seeking The Divine: Live Webinar


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Becoming A Better Muslimah

Have you ever felt like there’s too many roadblocks to you being a better Muslimah?

The learning options are slim because you’re told sisters shouldn’t be in certain spaces and if it’s not the weight of family responsibilities, and so much more, just finding ways of staying connected to Allah when you can’t pray feels like its own challenge.

But look, if it didn’t stop great women of the past reaching excellence in Islam. Then why should it stop you? Let’s talk about it

Join Ust Taimiyyah Zubair & Yasmin Mogahed for a free LIVE discussion on the topic of growing closer to Allah as a Muslimah

Seeking The Divine: A Muslimah’s Guide to a better relationship with Allah

Sept 19th
4 PM EST (New York) // 9 PM BST (London)

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