Family Life

Taught By Shaykh Abu Eesa (2.5 hour)

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Introduction To Purity Of The Heart

What is the importance of family and maintaining family ties in Islam? In this course, Shaykh Abu Eesa explains the concept of ‘silatul rahim,’ the Islamic approach to family obligations and the importance of keeping our family in our lives.

Lesson 1 - Introduction

What is the importance of family and maintaining family ties in Islam? In this course, Shaykh Abu Eesa explains the concept of ‘silatul rahim,’ the Islamic approach to family obligations and the importance of keeping our family in our lives.

Lesson 2 - Concept Of Silatul Rahim

What is the concept of silatul rahim? Where does the meaning come from? ‘Rahim’ comes from the word ‘rahma’ which means ‘mercy’. What does mercy have to do with maintaining family ties? Shaykh Abu Eesa explains the phrase ‘silatul rahim’ and how mercy relates to family life.

Lesson 3 - Defining Silatul Rahim

Shaykh Abu Eesa defined the phrase ‘silatul rahim,’ its connotations and the concept of mercy when it comes to family. In this lesson, Shaykh Abu Eesa will describe who the family is, who can claim to be family, the Islamic concept of family and maintaining the ties of kinship.

Lesson 4 - Importance Of Kindness To Parents

Who are those from our family that deserve top priority treatment? Our parents. There is great emphasis in the Quran and Sunnah on treating one’s parents well. What are some of these ayahs and hadiths? Shaykh Abu Eesa gives examples and proofs that our parents deserve the utmost respect and kindness.

Lesson 5 - Managing Expectations Of Parents

As Muslims, taking care of one’s parents is an ‘art’, a science. We have certain criteria on how to deal with one’s mother, as well as how to deal with one’s father. Each parent has different rights and expectations. How do we manage these expectations? Shaykh Abu Eesa explains in detail how to manage the expectations of each parent.

Lesson 6 - Maintaining The Ties Of Kinship

What does ‘sila’ from ‘silatul Rahim’ mean? And what does it mean to maintain the ties of kinship? What does the film ‘Back to the Future’ have to do with it? Shaykh Abu Eesa describes the responsibilities we have towards our family members and how we can create strong relationships with them

Lesson 7 - In-Laws

There are different categories of family members – those who we have an obligation to maintain ties with, and those whom we maintain ties with simply for cultural or societal reasons. Which category do in-laws fall in? Is it obligatory for a man or woman to take care of their partner’s parents? Shaykh Abu Eesa explains the role of in-laws in the family dynamic.

Lesson 8 - Children

Children are a blessing from Allah (SWT), but they are also a test in this life. Parents are responsible for their children and will be asked about them. In this session, Shaykh Abu Eesa delves into the topic of children, their role in our lives and the importance of raising them in Islam.

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