Taught By Shaykh Yasir Qadhi (1 hour)

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Meaning Of Qadr (Predesdination)

This module discusses the sixth pillar of Iman and the most confusing topic to understand. Shaykh Yasir breaks this topic down and explains the concept of Qada and Qadar.

Lesson 1 - Meaning Of Qadr (Predestination)

This module discusses the sixth pillar of Iman and the most confusing topic to understand. Shaykh Yasir breaks this topic down and explains the concept of Qada and Qadr.

Lesson 2 - Understanding Al Mashea' and Allah's creation

Shaykh Yasir continues the discussion on the pillars of Qadr. How do we understand Allah’s will and His manifestation of it? The companions had many of the same questions as us about Qadr, so what was the Prophet’s (SAW) response?

Lesson 3 - Manifestation of Qadr

We have been told that our Qadr has been written down, but this could be further broken down into 5 categories. Can dua change Qadr as per the hadith? Do we have any control over our choices and fate?

Lesson 4 - Understanding Calamities

Why is there so much pain and hardship in this world when Allah does not love evil and suffering? Shaykh Yasir covers several reasons as to why we’re tested with trials and calamities in this life and how it relates to Qadr.

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