Actions Of The Heart

Taught By Shaykh Omar Suleiman (1.5 hour)

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Introduction To Purity Of The Heart

How do we achieve salvation through acts of worship of the heart? Sh. Omar Suleiman will take you through a study of tazkiyah to help you ensure that your outer acts of worship contain substance and internal strength.

Lesson 1 - Introduction (4m 18s)

How do we achieve salvation through acts of worship of the heart? Dr. Omar Suleiman will take you through a study of tazkiyah to help you ensure that your outer acts of worship contain substance and internal strength.

Lesson 2 - Sincerity And Intention (13m 55s)

What are actions judged by? How does sincerity come into the equation? Dr. Omar discusses the importance of having a strong foundation in our spiritual journey, a foundation that serves as a determining factor whether Allah (swt) will accept our good deeds or not.

Lesson 3 - Love (11m 22s)

How can love push us to seek Allah (SWT) with the highest level of dedication and devotion? Allah (SWT) says in Surah Baqarah, Ayah 165, “But those who believe are stronger in love for Allah.” Dr. Omar explains the special love that the believers have for Allah and how it differs from the love shown to anyone else.

Lesson 4 - Hope (9m 10s)

Hope serves as a great motivating factor and can save us from delusion and disappointment. But what is the difference between justified expectations and wishful thinking?

Lesson 5 - Fear (10m 26s)

What happens when hope is not properly balanced with fear? Why do we run towards Allah (swt) when we fear Him while we run away from other things we fear in this world? Dr. Omar discusses the element of fear that every Muslim must possess for spiritual purification.

Lesson 6 - How To Be Content With Allah (9m 40s)

What are the two different kinds of ridha (contentment)? How can such contentment protect our hearts and minds from corruption? Dr. Omar explains how ridha helps us better submit to Allah (swt), both with the mind and the heart.

Lesson 7 - Decree Of Allah (11m 07s)

What does it mean to be pleased with the decree of Allah? How can we fortify ourselves both spiritually and intellectually to process the tests of life without losing faith?

Lesson 8 - Patience (10m 58s)

How do we practice patience during trials and difficulties? Can we still uphold patience while embracing pain and emotions? Learn more in this lesson.

Lesson 9 - Gratitude (9m 08s)

How does gratitude tie into spiritual purification? In what ways can gratitude be used to motivate a person in worship? Dr. Omar explains the importance of being a grateful servant to Allah (SWT) while focusing on what you have in life, not what’s missing.

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