A Unique Experience
With Sh Omar Suleiman

Through the Fire:
The Journey of Salman the Persian

Shaykh Omar Suleiman takes you on one of the greatest truth seeking journeys we have ever known; through Persia, Damascus, Mosul, Nusaybin, Amorium and Medinah…


Imprisoned By His Father,
Betrayed By The Scholarly...

Enslaved in a strange land, Salman Al-Farisi met every obstacle in his search for the truth. Relive the remarkable journey from Zoroastrian priest to dedicated Christian, to finally,  a Companion of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ.

Experience His Struggle
& Success Through His Eyes

Though Salman Al-Farisi is one of the most famous companions, the details of his life before Islam and after the death of the Prophet ﷺ are unknown to most. He uniquely experienced all three empires of his time; The Persian, Byzantine and the newly formed Muslim empire. This course will present the story of Salman from authentic sources over the historical backdrop of religious and political communities, connecting you to the world that he was a part of so that you may see it through his eyes.

Key Questions Answered...

What happens when those teaching me religion are corrupt?

Why would Allah test me more when I am trying my best?

How do I deal with non practicing or adversarial parents?

What did Convert Care look like in the Prophetic community?

Student Experiences

Excellent research, the ability to compile vast amount of information and providing us the summary version of it in a logical, chronological and holistic manner. Adding the history was a great touch which gave us the full context.

I like that he didn’t just narrate the story; he also took time to pause and make us think about how Salman al Farisi felt at certain points in his life.

Knowledgeable, well prepared. Handled the topic in depth, and gave a lot of good information at a pace we could keep up with, and in language that was easy to learn from. I liked the historical background and references to dates, to tie events together and give perspective.


How is this online course structured?

Shaykh Omar Suleiman recorded the content for this course in a professional recording studio. The content will be available on Faith Essentials portal for you to watch on-demand at a time that is convenient for you.

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Regular admissions will receive access to the course until 30 June 2020. One of the benefits of being a Faith Essentials member is that all live sessions are recorded and uploaded to the portal. Members will get on-demand access to recordings on the portal.

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Shaykh Omar Suleiman will be doing  live Q&A sessions. If you cannot attend the live Q&A sessions, the recording will be available for two weeks for regular (IlmNight) admissions. Faith Essential members will have access to the Q&A on-demand via the online portal. It is encouraged for you to attend the live if you have specific questions.

How long will I have access to the online program?

Regular admissions will receive access to the course for two weeks. One of the benefits of being a Faith Essentials member is that all live sessions are recorded and uploaded to the portal. Members will get on-demand access to recordings on the portal.

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You can submit your questions via the Zoom Q&A box. Please come prepared with questions beforehand.

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As this event is similar to an IlmNight, it does not have an exam.

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