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The story of Ayyub touches on the discussion of evil, patience, the loss of family, and the loss of wealth. It is a story of resilience and unconditional worship of his Creator no matter how severe the trials placed in front of him.

This is a course that gives us the tools to come to terms with the trials we experience in life.

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Response To COVID-19

At the beginning of this year Shaykh Omar Suleiman launched a new IlmNight event with AlMaghrib Institute called Unbroken: The Trials of Ayyub ﷺ.

It launched in a few cities and sold out everywhere, because who of us does not have a trial that we are trying to overcome? And then COVID-19 happened and we were all exposed to a global trial that we have not witnessed in our lifetime.

The content of the course has become only more relevant and more urgent.

So We’ve Decided
To Launch It Online

For the first time ever, we are launching a 3 hour IlmNight event LIVE…

This Saturday, April 18th at 12PM EST

Though we would have loved for this course to come to your cities throughout the remainder of the year, we hope that this course will bring immediate perspective and healing to those who need it. Let’s come together as a worldwide community and benefit from the lessons learned from the life of one of Allah’s great prophets.

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