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With a growing list of courses, exclusive content, and live question and answer sessions; Faith Essentials is your all-in-one destination for a complete online learning experience.

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Think of the last time you sat through a  class you loved, completed a book that opened up your mind, learned something profound about your religion.

Remember that feeling.

Better yet, that joy of passing it on to someone you love: your child, your mother, or a classroom of students

The light turns on when a connection is made, and the bond grows with the Creator and His beautiful religion.

The result is behaving as we should

– not as a set of rules and rituals –

but at a deeper, spiritual level.

So if that’s what knowledge
can do for us,
why aren’t we in a constant
state of learning?

We try with weekend seminars, degree programs, YouTube lectures, podcasts, and local halaqas.

But while one touches on a topic at a time, the other lacks structure, and yet another takes too long.

No matter what we try, it still doesn’t feel complete.

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What if we extract the good from every option
and combine them into one solution?

We wanted to provide you with a place where they could learn everything that you need to know about your faith. In a way that you could consume wherever you are, and have access to some of the best teachers in their fields. 

This has been monumentally useful for me. I really appreciate this course and the other courses that deal directly with issues of worship, because misconceptions in worship I think are the most dangerous.

A Behind the Scenes Look
Into the Faith Essentials Experience

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Offering an educational material on my phone. I have a busy schedule and I can listen to the lesson while driving.

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The series on Ethics. That helped me understand my faith more completely. I am still going through this section. I found myself crying during the lesson on Humility.


How is this online course structured?

This is a comprehensive online program that includes on-demand modules recorded and edited for online learning. You will gain access to a variety of core essential topics that will give you a deep understanding in each field of study. Members can choose to learn from the topics that are most relevant to them at their own pace.

To additionally support your online learning, you will have the opportunity to submit questions which will be answered during Live Q&A sessions hosted by our instructors.

When will I have access to modules?

As soon as you sign up you will have access to the member portal with all available modules. What you see right now is not all – we have many more courses that are either in post-production work or are being developed by instructors.

When will the live sessions be scheduled?

There will be live Q&A sessions every week. You will be notified via email with a schedule, which you can also find on your student portal.

How do I have to complete the program?

There is no limit or requirement for you to finish the program within a specific timeframe. You can stay subscribed for as long as you need. Keep in mind that we will add new courses to the portal on a regular basis.

Ideally, you should be able to complete all the course topics within one year. If you finish early, there will be much more to explore beyond the core topics. No pressure though, you can learn and process each module at your own comfort level.

What if I am unable to attend a live session?

We will upload recordings of the sessions inside the portal shortly after the Live event.

What if I have questions to ask the Instructor but can't attend live?

You can submit your questions in the comment section of the video and our team will compile all questions. Some answers may be found in previous video sessions. Others will require a lot more insight that will be spoken about in detail in the Live sessions.

How do I interact with my classmates?

There is a comment section available under each lesson for students to ask questions and engage in discussions with one another.

How long will I have access to the Faith Essentials Program?

We currently offer monthly and yearly membership plans. As long as you stay subscribed to the portal, you will have access to all lessons, your viewing history and notes.